Headquartered in Istanbul, Turkey, Ferri Furniture is a professional manufacturer of indoor and outdoor furniture. We pursue constant innovativation, trend designs and superior quality. 

Our Istanbul headquarter consists of 35,000sqft production area, 20,000sqft showroom and 47,000sqft warehousing and loading area. 

Being located in Istanbul as the the financial and logistics center of Turkey gives us and our customers the advantage of ease of transportation through land or sea with advantage delivering transportation costs for Europe, UK and all overseas markets.

Our customers vary from individual trading companies to furniture stores, online sellers and well known retail chains across Europe, United Kingdom, USA and Israel.



Innovation and design is the key components in all our products. We design our products in accordance to customer demands and international standards. Functionality, aesthetics, ergonomy, safety, maintability, compatibility, packaging and shipping are our key considerations during our design process. 


High Quality Raw Materials is at the core of excellence in finished products. From timber to metal, foam to fabric we use best quality raw materials in accordance with international standards.


We keep constant quality control at every stage of our production from raw materials to cutting, bending, welding, coating, constructing and packaging, ensuring 100% quality in all products entering our warehouse. 


We package our products considering all the stages of their journey overseas. Depending on the packing requirements of each product we use three tier carton, strengthening styrofoam on edges and overall bubble wrapping.


Our experienced export team makes sure we deliver on time and in budget. With our Group company RFR Logistics, we work with all international carrier lines directly and we are able to provide our customers most efficient solutions for their logistics needs.